Glam rustic beach bungalows are plentiful on Tulum beach. Located on the sand where you can hear the waves crashing as you lay in your canopy bed, or in the rich jungle just a two minute walk from where the ocean meets the sand. Under a palapa roof and candle lit quarters you will come to realize how relaxing and magical Tulum can be. 


Eco friendly hotels are quite popular on Tulum beach. These hotels are ones who help minimize it's impact on the environment. In layman's terms, these hotels only have electricity available at night, and no air conditioning. While the electric is off during the day you and your fellow beachgoers will likely be enjoying yourself elsewhere than your room, so it shouldn't effect you. And the cool breeze from the ocean is better than any air conditioner in the world. 


Pueblo, which means town in Spanish, is a popular place for lodging as well. In the town of Tulum you will find lower cost accommodations than staying on the beach strip. Pueblo has an abundance of delicious restaurants, bars with live music, and shopping. A short taxi, or a 25 minute bike ride and you'll find yourself on the beaches of Tulum. Most hotels on the beach open their beach clubs to the public, so you can still indulge into the beach vibes and delicious cuisine Tulum beach has to offer.