ACRE Hotel

Acre, a luxury sanctuary in San José del Cabo, consisting of tree house rooms, beautiful villas and stunning grounds. Once entering the property, you suddenly feel teleported from the desert into a tropical setting. Upon entering the property the curvy sidewalk paths take you through the lush greenery garden leading you to many attractions of this one of a kind hotel, including hotel rooms set in the trees, a stunning bar, restaurant and inviting pool lounge. 

TreeHouse Hotel Rooms
The tree houses are built side by side with the palm leaves and lush greens, which provide privacy and seclusion. The lush king beds invites the wind to whisper through the trees in the evening, and the many species of birds to serenade you each morning. The tree houses can accommodate 2-4 guests.

The modern, brand new villas are designed and decorated beautifully with soothing tones and comfortable furnishings, creating an appealing setting for a group of friends or family. Offering 3 bedrooms, which accommodates up to 6 guests, each villa includes a private pool, outside lounge and bar, rooftop lounge surrounded with cacti, gourmet kitchen and outside bathtub where you can soak in the stars in the evening.

Let’s talk about their ever so sexy bar and cocktail list, where delectable drinks are created with award winning, in house mezcal and fresh ingredients from their organic garden. Let’s carry that cocktail to the restaurant where you find yourself in a gorgeous setting, and can’t help but feel on trend by just being present. 

Acre also offers private dining experiences to non-guests, so if you’d like a taste of what Acre has to offer, The Beach Planner can coordinate a private chef dining experience in one of their outside, private dining rooms. All private dining experiences are surrounded by an exotic, lavish jungle setting and set on bright colored tiles, providing an ever so desired environment. 

As if all of the above hasn’t swooped you in already, we saved the best for last. “Acre Dogs” is a puppy sanctuary for rescued puppies. This sanctuary has rescued, cared for and found families to adopt hundreds of puppies!


ACRE Hotel