Concierge Los Cabos

$50 per person (with a minimum of $250)

If you’ve booked a villa on your own and would like to work with The Beach Planner team for all activities and reservations, we offer concierge and planning services as well. The way we're normally compensated is through your villa. In the case you may already have lodging confirmed, we charge a service fee and from there we are available to you before, during and after your trip for anything you need!

Our concierge services includes… 

  • Everything would be organized in a daily itinerary weeks before you arrive. We make the entire planning seamless for you! 

  • The Beach Planner saves you time researching the best places to be in Los Cabos as we work with the absolute best beach clubs, restaurants, yacht charters and many other authentic activities and services

  • We coordinate all airport transportation, including creating a schedule of all incoming and outgoing flights which makes what is normally a very complicated task, an easy one for you group 

  • Access to our team who knows the Los Cabos area in and out. We ask that you and your party text us throughout your trip for anything you need

  • We also make sure your trip runs smoothly and stays organized from the moment you step off the plane

Once you’re booked with us we will schedule an intro zoom call, where we get to know exactly what you’d like on your itinerary, we answer all your questions, and make a ton of suggestions!

Please email us for discounted rates and specials on our concierge fee.

We hope to work with you and create a magical experience for you!  ✨