I like to call cenotes the "gems" of Mexico. They are natural pits or sinkholes filled with mineral-rich fresh water. All Tulum & Playa del Carmen cenote tours are unique, enchanting, and private. A must see during your escapade through Mexico.

Underneath the Riviera Maya, there are huge caves and tunnels which form an underground water system. Formed millions of years ago this underground playground is where you’ll find all the famous cenotes. These natural pools provides many fun activities such as swimming, snorkeling and diving through natural pools and caves.

All of The Beach Planner’s cenote tours are VIP and private, which means it’s just your group, a tour guide, and the sacred, ancient cenotes which are waiting to be explored. 

There are many types of excursions for sightseeing these places. Some include a jungle tour in order to access the cenotes that are in the jungle. When surrounded by the Caribbean water and humid jungle, this creates a crystal clear fresh water phenomenon.  

If you are planning a trip to Tulum or Playa del Carmen, cenote tours are a perfect, unique, fun activity. The Beach Planner would be happy to coordinate a VIP excursion on your behalf, and include the perfect itinerary.