Date: 26/06/2023 | Author: The Beach Planner

Tulum BACH Party - The Beach Planner’s Ultimate Guide

BACH parties exist purely for FUN, to say ADIOS to your final days of being single! Destination BACH parties are the perfect excuse to plan a vacation with your best friends in a beautiful place with stunning beaches, luxurious villas, and party scenes that will leave you and your crew with unforgettable memories! Everything you desire for your Tulum BACH party can be found with The Beach Planner, as we are a ‘one-stop shop’ for the ultimate and unforgettable experience in Tulum!

No time for siesta, it’s your final fiesta! Mexico is the #1 international BACH party destination and we are here for it! Our favorite Mexican beach town of Tulum, nestled along the Caribbean coast of Mexico just south of the Cancun international airport, is a short and direct flight from all major east coast cities. It is a well-known location that allows you to escape from the real world for a long weekend and still get to work bright and early after a long weekend in paradise. Soon, Tulum will be even easier to get to once the final phase of the Tulum International Airport is complete! Throughout this blog, we will share our local expertise based on the hundreds of successful trips and parties we have planned in the last 6 years. This will include recommendations and suggestions for what we think you must have on your itinerary including the best day clubs, party scenes, what to wear in Tulum, Tulum party decorations, bachelorette must-haves, and of course, we will introduce you to our Tulum party planners, The Beach Planner!

Welcome to the Land of Tequila, Palm Trees, and Turquoise Beaches

The first step in creating an epic BACH weekend in Tulum is choosing your villa! There are three main areas that make up Tulum, and are popular locations for luxurious villas! Tulum beach (the hotel zone), the town of Tulum (Tulum pueblo), and Soliman Bay!

Tulum Beach

Tulum beach is where you can find all the best beach parties, restaurants, and most popular nightlife! Our villas along Tulum beach are in the heart of all the action, and their nightly rate reflects this (but you pay for what you get). The perks of staying on the beach allow you to wake up to stunning ocean views, enjoy direct beach access, and the freedom to walk to the best beach clubs, restaurants, and nightclubs Tulum has to offer, as well as many amazing boutiques and cafes (acaí bowls, yum!). Booking in the Tulum beach zone will also cut down on the amount of time you will be in transport to your various beach club and dinner reservations since many groups that stay in the hotel zone walk to all of their reservations.


  • Location! Location! Location! Wake up on the beach!
  • Beach clubs and restaurants within walking distance 
  • Less time in transport 
  • 24/7 private beach access 
  • Beautiful beach sunrises from your bedroom terrace 


  • More expensive than our Jungle Villas 
  • Tends to be noisier since beach clubs and restaurants are in your neighborhood

Town of Tulum

The town of Tulum, known to locals as “Tulum pueblo” is where our Tulum Jungle Villas are located. Staying off the beach surrounded by lush greenery, these villas offer a peaceful retreat away from all the hustle and bustle of the hotel zone. Our Jungle Villas are more affordable yet still a short 10-20 minute drive to all the action! The Beach Planner will coordinate all transportation ahead of time to assure you have a reliable driver to escort you to your pre-booked reservations! Aldea Zama and La Veleta are charming neighborhoods where you can find gorgeous villas, condos, fun restaurants, shops filled with boho chic clothing, and adorable boutique hotels.


  • Budget-friendly
  • XL options available for big groups
  • Tend to have larger pools and outdoor space


  • Transportation required for reservations
  • Fewer restaurant options within walking distance of your villa

Soliman Bay

Soliman Bay, a private and protected beach 15 minutes north of Tulum Pueblo where enormous, private villas neighbor each other along the stunning bay. Enjoy a true tropical paradise with crystal-clear waters and endless sunshine! Soliman Bay is perfect for large groups who are looking for intimate, secluded vibes with villas that include a full-time private chef, private security, housekeeping, and your very own personal beach club. The protected bay is home to many sea turtles, families of sting rays, coral reefs, and vibrant colored schools of fish, providing snorkeling adventures right in your backyard! It’s worth noting that Devin, owner and founder had her very own 40th birthday celebrations on Soliman Bay with friends and family, so it goes without saying that this location is Beach Planner approved!

  • Soliman Bay to Cancun airport: 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Soliman Bay to Tulum Pueblo: 15 minutes
  • Soliman Bay to Tulum beach: 25–35 minutes (depending on where you’re going)


  • Ideal for families with small children and large groups of friends
  • Quiet and peaceful
  • Private chef services are included in all villa bookings
  • Private security and the neighborhood are gated
  • Villas include kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkels for adventures right in your backyard


  • Transportation is required for all reservations
  • Quiet hours begin at 10 pm

Regardless of where you end up staying, each area of Tulum has its own unique charm and beauty. All villas on our website have been vetted and reviewed by countless groups and are all beautiful options!

Villas vs Hotels

It’s also worth noting that The Beach Planner 100% recommends a private villa over individual hotel rooms. Here’s why…

  1. Villas provide an authentic and intimate experience. All villas include your very own private pool, rooftop, and common areas to spend time together, decorate, and personalize. The majority of our groups always comment about how special it is to have so much privacy throughout their stay.

  2. Many of our villas include private chef services, housekeeping, security, and sometimes butler service which is an added luxury not normally found in a hotel. If your villa does not include a private chef, we work with amazing chefs who can be hired at an additional cost. Having a private chef is a luxury at a low cost and is one of our most popular services!

  3. Lastly, regardless of your budget, a private villa almost always ends up being more cost-efficient than a hotel when split between you and your friends, and is a true “better bang for your buck.” We love to see the faces of our BACH groups when they first walk into their villa door because no matter how beautiful they look online, our villas always impress our guests in person!

If you can’t decide which villa or area you’d like to book on our website, you can always schedule a Zoom call with a Beach Planner to discuss each villa in detail and ensure you’re choosing the perfect villa for your group. It’s important to us that you’re comfortable (and excited) about the villa you’re choosing for your epic weekend!

BACH It Up: We Are Your Party Planners, Guides, Hosts, and Friends!

Ok, time to dive into the good stuff, your Tulum itinerary! All of our Tulum BACH itineraries are jam-packed with bucket list experiences, best dinners, full moon parties, and so much more!

Our top experiences that our client's book are private chef dinners, yacht charters, and VIP reservations along Tulum beach. When you book with The Beach Planner, we provide priority seating with a free dessert at the end of your meal on us! We work with the best restaurants and beach clubs in Tulum including the iconic Rosa Negra as well as Ilio’s, Taboo, Tantra, Gitano, Meze, Chambao, Nü and so many more.

Arriba, Abajo, al Centro, pa Dentro!

If fiesta and lots of mezcalitas are your priority, we’ve got you covered with private, all-inclusive yacht charters (open bar included!), informative mezcal and tequila tastings, private DJs, bartender packages, and more! We always have our ears on the ground for all the secret jungle parties going on in the area. Diplo in the jungle? Si por favor! We can even curate a private party at a cenote with bartenders, DJs, fire, and drum shows, and private transportation (popular for bach parties and wedding after parties!). And we’re always thinking ahead, as we have you covered the next day with IV therapy or detox massages to get you back up on your feet for the next round!

It’s all in the Details

Many of our BACH groups love to surprise their “bride or bachelor to be” with a fun service during their stay, whether that may be a fire show after your private chef dinner or a wake-up alarm of Mariachi at 9 am after a long night of partying (sorry not sorry). Our amazing pastry team can also create beautiful, custom BACH cookies to surprise your bride-to-be at check-in or a pretty cake that can go along with any slumber party theme. Photoshoots and videographers are always a fun way to capture those memorable moments. If you didn’t post it, did it even happen?

Magical Adventures

For the adventurous types, we offer epic cenote tours that are fully customizable whether you are looking for a “choose your own adventure” or prefer a private guide and taco lunch. If you are looking to stay in the Tulum area, there are dozens of beautiful cenotes to explore within 20 minutes of Tulum Pueblo, or if you are looking for more cavernous and unique cenotes, we can head deep into the Yucatán peninsula for off the beaten path, cave cenotes. We also have some adrenaline-packed zip line and ATV tours, as well as a peaceful sunset kayak tour in the Sian Ka’an. One of our favorite tours in the area though is the Sian Ka’an Biosphere lazy river tour where you and your crew explore the canals of the protected marine park and float through ancient Mayan, man-made canals with the coolest tour guide around, Ernesto!

Inhale, Exhale

For those who wish to relax and recharge, we offer a variety of spa services including massage therapy, sound healing, private yoga classes, and cacao ceremonies (a heartfelt, healing ceremony that connects all participants in a spiritual circle). Our beachfront Temazcal ceremony coupled with an ice bath session is also a unique and holistic activity for those looking to recalibrate before their big day! We also work with some of Tulum’s most iconic spas and healing centers including Yäan Spa, Mayan Clay Spa as well as the spas at Sanará and Leaf.

It’s All About Private Transportation

We make this part of your trip easy, safe, seamless, and fun! Our team of drivers, including Ikal and Yosve, are reliable, professional, and have competitive prices! Airport transportation is a breeze when booking with The Beach Planner! Trust us, it’s easier to have us coordinate all of your transportation rather than the hassle of hailing taxis every time you need to go somewhere. Plus, having a private driver in a clean, air-conditioned van is a luxury when hopping from a beach club to a dinner reservation to a nightclub and more.

We create a schedule of all incoming and outgoing flights, which makes what is normally a very complicated task, an easy one for your group! All prices are pre-set, and on our website, as well as on your itinerary! We also make sure transportation is coordinated for all reservations including along Tulum beach, private yacht charters, and anything else on your itinerary! We create a group chat that includes the group leader, our drivers, and our team so that you have direct contact at all times, creating a seamless and easy experience! Our drivers make sure each and every client gets home safe and sound and go out of their way to take care of our clients.

Restaurants, Beach Clubs, and Reservations!                  

The Beach Planner has been curating the perfect itineraries along Tulum beach for 6 years! This has created special relationships with each and every beachfront establishment along the famous beach of Tulum! When booking a reservation with The Beach Planner, you are considered VIP! A lot of popular beach clubs and restaurants will ask for pre-payments for reservations, and The Beach Planner has your back through this process, answering all questions and providing the best advice! We are your guide and friend through the planning process, and always make sure you’re getting the best cabanas and tables that meet your party's budget and party requirements!

Setting the Mood: Decor and More!

Take your Tulum VILLA to the next level with some sparkles, pops of colors, and backdrops for the pictures you’ll cherish forever! We adore decor and have a whole page on our website dedicated to all things BACH, including Bach swag, floaties, custom cookies, heart sunglasses, fiancé on a stick, piñatas, and more! Surprise your bride-to-be with a balloon banner and champagne greeting, and order fun pool floats for your private pool or a beautiful flower crown for the bride-to-be! If you have your own decoration inspiration, bring it on! We will provide a custom quote and turn your fantasy into a reality!

But What Will I Wear?!

Tulum is hot. Tulum is humid. Tulum is sexy! Therefore, be sure to pack your favorite bikini. Think bright colors and animal prints with flowy and breathable fabrics. For the ladies, think, of effortless linen dresses, caftans, and cover-ups by day. Under the moon and stars think strappy mini dresses, cut-out dresses, and cute crochet tops. A woven beach bag for your beach club reservations will match the sand under your feet, and we highly recommend carrying a small, cross-body bag for your evening reservations. Let’s avoid your worst nightmare of leaving your purse behind, and always have it attached to your body!

Match your BACH

We have some really fun ways to match your bach and up your photo op game! For your yacht charters, have each girl wear black while the bride wears white, all with the same visor, cowgirl, or captain hats! At the beach club, have each girl wear an animal print, or neon-colored bathing suit, while you wear white, black, or gold (something that POPS!). At night, have each girl wear their sexiest LBD, while you sparkle in silver! A bride should never hide behind her girls, but shine bright like the diamond on her hand!

Pro-tip: NO heels. Tulum is a beach town with the majority of restaurants and clubs located on the sand, so wearing espadrilles, flats, and strappier sandals is much more comfortable and appropriate than stilettos or heeled shoes. Platforms are also a good alternative if you need that lift!

For our bachelors, airy button-down shirts, a nice pair of linen shorts or lightweight chinos as well as cotton t-shirts are ideal. Sandals, leather flip-flops, or the Mexican style “huaraches” are the main shoes of choice. Keep it casual, but stylish!

The one thing we 100% recommend purchasing while in Tulum is, dare we say it, a “Tuluminati style” hat (aka brim hat). Upgrade any outfit, while protecting your skin while partying under the Caribbean sun.

Since the sun is always beating down and mosquitos are always around, two must-haves are sunscreen protection and bug spray: remember to apply it always before leaving your villa, even if you are wearing one of those beautiful boho hats! This is a very common item for our grocery pre-stocking service since it’s one less item to pack, and we can deliver it right to your villa with all your groceries and alcohol!

We Do all the Planning, You Have all the Fun!

Our main goal at The Beach Planner is to create the most epic trip you’ve ever taken with your friends! There are a lot of moving parts when planning an international trip for large groups of friends, and we do it seamlessly! Our client reviews show it! We are a one-stop shop for everything and anything you need before, during, and after your trip! Let us handle the back-end work, all while you’re creating precious memories that you and your friends will hold onto forever!

Inquire today on our website,, through our Instagram page @thebeachplanner, or feel free to email us at We can’t wait to BACH with you!

Let's Plan Your Dream Vacation Together!